Sugarcane Fiber Straw


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Sugarcane is a fiber products are BPI certified compostable. Our sugarcane straw is made from sugarcane fiber and 100% organic.

  • 100% natural from plants
  • No ingredients from petrochemical processes
  • Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Fully compostable under correct industrial condition
  • Reuse of agricultural waste
  • Non-toxic
  • Acid resistant
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Product Feature

Key benefits of nature bio sugarcane fiber straws

In times, when being eco-conscious becomes a worldwide trend, we are sure that our recyclable straws can add to the ecology movements. We have put much effort in creating high-quality biodegradable straws. You will like them because they are:

Natural. Plant-based material leaves a wonderful feeling on your lips.

Biodegradable and compostable. All the used straws disappear in a few months.

Comfortable to use. The various sizes and high-quality compostable material make our straws suitable for all hot and cold drinks.

Eco-friendly in every way. We make our best to conserve natural resources and not to damage the wold we are living in.

The cutest. Our biodegradable straws look great in all beverages. Whether you choose a glass of plain water or opt for a fancy cocktail, Nature bio will add extra points to the overall impression. Enjoy drinks in style while helping the planet stay clean.

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Compostable Sugarcane Straws

Available in shorter and longer sizes with large/medium/small diameters. These compostable straws are a bit different from the ones you get used to but their construction makes it easier to clean them and reuse.

All our biodegradable eco straws are non toxic, do not soak or add extra taste. They are suitable for any occasion and drink. We are ready to partner with different businesses and provide juicy offers on bulk purchases. Everyone should choose bio straws today to contribute to better future and sustainable development.

Biodegradable and compostable drinking straws for zero waste lifestyle.

These plant-based products disappear in a few months without any harm. Nature bio straws are: Biodegradable: the straws decay naturally under the influence of microorganisms. This process does not require any special conditions or effort and it usually takes around a few months to decompose. Compostable: the straws can be put to the compost. After being put into the special environment, the straws will decay faster. This is a sound variant for those who make compost and use it as fertiliser. We love the idea that our eco straws are handy just when you need it, but then they disappear and leave no traces. It is absolutely cool that you can purchase biodegradable straws bulk and be confident that all the amount will decay after use.

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Our Promise

we make not only compostable products but also green solutions on packing way.our wide range of sustainable tableware offers quality eco-friendly products at competitive price.

  • Sustainability

  • Biodegradability

  • Compostability

Nature Bio has a full suite of services, we have your needs covered.

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