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Nature bio uses renewable resources to develop and manufacture fully degradable materials.The objective is to render extrusion processes environmentally friendly and innovative through the use of natural resources.
Nature-bio’s understanding is that high quality management and efficient processes will lead to a responsible use of natural resources and thus high customer satisfaction.

Sugarcane Fiber Straw

Compostable Straws Made With Zero Plastics and 100% Plant-based Ingredients.

We make not only compostable products but also green solutions on packing way.our wide range of sustainable tableware offers quality eco-friendly product at competitive price.

Sugarcane Fiber Straw White






Our mission is to continually improve our straws, with a focus on being as diligent as possible across the whole manufacturing process.
This has led to our packaging being completely sustainable and eco-friendly to remain consistent with our products.


Develop Renewable Bio-Materials And Value-Added Agricultural Wastes Recycling.

Say No To Plastic. Protect Mother Earth and Environment Step by Step. The most Eco way to replace the plastic straw.

Bamboo Power Straw

Environmental Protection / Circular Economy / Industrial Upgrading

Coffee Grounds Straw

A simple and truly zero waste circular economy system.

Produced by renewable raw materials, with low energy consumption during production The raw materials can be made into various products. They could be recycled and returned to the production chain even after use, which assures that finite resources on the earth are used in a way of circulation and sustainability, forming a friendly industrial system.

Why Choose Plant Fiber Straws

Sustainable: sugarcane straws are made from sugarcane bagasse, which is collected from the sugar manufacturers.
Plastic-free: sugarcane straws decompose more than 90% in 180 days, and fully break down into the soil within six months, without leaving microplastics.
High-temperature tolerant: the straw’s endurance can vary from -20°C to 50°C.
Convenient: these sugarcane straws are single-use products, which fits perfectly for restaurants, cafeteria, and events.
Fully Certified: Food safe, SGS, LFGB and 1% For the Planet.

We are Sustainable

Our pledge to Mother Earth

For us, at Nature Bio, making sustainable products is more than just creating eco-friendly products. We believe that what makes a brand sustainable isn’t only making products with a low ecologic impact. For us, being sustainable is about going the extra mile. It’s about approaching sustainability from the bottom up. From impulsing education programs to collaborating with advocacy organizations. It’s about rethinking the way in which we make, deliver and present our products. And, of course, by making sustainable products which respect our planet and everything that lives in it: humans, animals, and plants.

We are Fair

Ethically made products, there is no other way

Nature Bio does not allow any type of inequality, discrimination, child labor or unfair practices to take place during the production of any of our products. We actively supervise all of our partners and suppliers to make sure this is enforced in their workplaces.

We are Quality

Only the highest standards

At Nature Bio we stand for quality, a sustainable quality that is. Being located in China and having direct personal contact with every single step of the production process allows us to control the quality of every single unit we put out in the market.

Our products go through a strict 4-stage process of quality control, in which we make sure that they are safe, clean and of the highest quality possible.

Straws Specs

Sugarcane Fiber Straws /  Sugracane Fiber Straws White / Coffee Grounds Straws /Bamboo FIber Straws

*  Special size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Straws Packing

Bio.bag / Opp bag / Paper Box / Karft box / Kraft bag packing

Opp Bag

Bio Bag

Kraft Bag

Kraft Box

If you need these packages, please contact our sales staff or email to

Building a Sustainable Future

At the end of the day, we try to do what’s best for business and the environment. But we can never do it alone. We want to work on this together! If you have any recommendations, let us know. We’re open to them! We know this isn’t the only solution or the perfect one, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Progress, not perfection.

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