As a minimalist, I carry most of my worldly possessions in an Osprey 40L backpack. I own 5 t-shirts and 3 pairs of trousers. I don’t like clutter, and although I am sometimes gripped by the undeniable pull of consumerism, I try to avoid wasteful purchases at all costs.

I am also an aspiring zero-waster…. I am trying to lower my plastic consumption; trying to avoid plastic water bottles, disposable razors and single-use plastic straws…… and the best way to do this?

By consuming. By buying reusable straws, and fancy stainless steel bottles with pictures of avocados on the side of them.

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So the questions are simple; are these two philosophies inherently opposed? Is there a balance between being a minimalist and being sustainable? Am I still a minimalist if I own a £40 triple-walled stainless steel consumer bottle?

The reality is that the definition of minimalism varies from person to person, and “zero waste life” is a process: a journey. Despite this, it is still tempting to self-loathe every time we buy a bottle of water on a hot day, or sip through a single-use straw in a cocktail bar. But we shouldn’t be ashamed of our waste; we should be conscious of it.

I am still on my journey. I am still actively on the lookout for products that fit into the intersection of my minimalism & sustainability & Venn diagram.

I have had some great recommendations too…. Shampoo bars from Pure Chimp…. Small, natural, eco-friendly, and to my surprise they work just as well as liquid shampoo. Perfect.

Reusable, scrunch-up bags from Baggu… These bags fit in the side netting of any backpack…. They are stylish, easy to use and hard to forget. The perfect combination.

These are just a few of the great products that have kept my backpack light and my conscious clean. But as I said before… zero-waste is a journey. So share your ideas below, and tell me what fits into your ‘Venn diagram.’

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